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Executive MBA Program of
Information and Finance Management,
College of Management (Taipei)

Executive MBA Program of Information and Finance Management, College of Management (Taipei)


Established in the Republic of China in 102, the goal is to cultivate high-level information management talents with international perspectives, practical research, information technology and financial management knowledge, and to respond to the needs of corporate talents, promote industrial upgrading and assist national development. In addition to cultivating students' basic financial theory and knowledge, it also strengthens the ability of information technology to be applied to financial and financial related fields.

The course records of this department enable students to have time-honored information technology and rich financial management knowledge, both theory and practice, so that students have the ability to analyze, plan, design, construct and manage; develop practical information systems and apply them in the industry , Provide appropriate information for financial management in real time to greatly improve the quality of decision-making and promote industrial upgrading.

Research and educational goals

Fintech Development Plan

The department spent 8 million to build a "financial technology" characteristic laboratory in 105, equipped with a large TV wall, and a real-time update of the global stock market database to build a complete digital investment and financial management teaching environment. In addition, it also provides stock market simulation trading software to train students in the practical ability of program trading and robot financial management. The department actively cooperates with the industry, and cooperates with domestic Fubon Financial Holdings, Yushan Bank, and American IMB to offer "financial technology" courses, so that students can acquire the latest financial technology knowledge and technology.

Financial Wisdom Cloud Project

Combining financial practical talent cultivation with the community effectively, and combining information technology to create an industry-university internship exchange platform, and implement the goals of both theory and practice, strengthen talent cultivation, and improve the level and efficiency of domestic financial research. The goals include the following items:

  • Open lecture halls to cultivate financial practice.
  • Promote a smart financial trading strategy platform.
  • Establish an intelligent financial information analysis system platform.
  • Establish a smart city transaction teaching platform.
  • Promote financial network community communication platforms, etc.

Enterprise Resource Planning Project

Students have the ability to introduce information technology into enterprise systems and are also actively engaged in industry-university cooperation. The department has so far coached students to obtain hundreds of relevant licenses and won the domestic 102 ERP certification promotion award.

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