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Executive MBA Program of
Business Management,
College of Management

Executive MBA Program of Business Management, College of Management


The Department of Business Management is mainly to train beginners (bachelor), middle and high-level (master), and business management talents with innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities. In addition to a class of management courses, special emphasis is placed on the innovation and analysis of business models, food and case studies, and the application of information technology and analysis.

The undergraduate and master’s courses of this department are divided into 4 modules: marketing management, financial management, organization and strategy management, service and technology management. Master’s students must choose a certain group of courses as major subjects, including dissertation seminars and case discussions. , The way of enterprise simulation, strengthen conceptual skills, cultivate analysis and decision-making capabilities, and shorten the gap between theory and practice. There are 13 full-time faculty members in the department, all of whom are dedicated to teaching and research in various areas of expertise, including human resources, finance, strategy, operations, marketing, service and technology, decision-making, customer relations, circulation operations, innovation and entrepreneurship, and cross-strait related management Issues, etc.

According to the nature of the course, the department also specially hires management experts and scholars and outstanding corporate managers to teach. The goal is to enable students to master the latest management thoughts and skills, absorb the essence of different fields under the mutual turmoil of theory and practice, examine problems from multiple angles and think about the strategic direction of future development.

Research and educational goals

  • The core courses focus on marketing management, financial management, organization and strategy management, and service and technology management, applying technology to high-tech industries to cultivate professional talents that meet the needs of the times.
  • Focus on the exchange of scientific engineering and management, attract outstanding students with a background in law, business and science and engineering to enter the professional field of management, and reserve human resources for the industry.
  • The application fields known by this department focus on the innovation management of various industries and service industries to meet the needs of the industry.
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