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Faculty Members

Industrial Engineering & Management

Kai-Ying Chen   


Professor & Executive Director  , EMBA / Associate Dean, College of Management Ph.D., in Mechanical engineering, National Taiwan University. kychen@ntut.edu.tw  Aeronautics and Astronautics Management, Retailing Management, Industry Analysis

Shu-Kai S. Fan


Professor / Chairman 

Ph.D., in Industrial Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington, USA 

morrisfan@ntut.edu.tw  Applied Statistics, Quality Engineering, Engineering Optimization, Image Registration

Hsieh-Ching Chen


Professor Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, Michigan University,USA imhcchen@ntut.edu.tw  Human Factor Engineering

Kou-Ching Ying


Professor Ph.D., in Industrial Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology kcying@ntut.edu.tw  Production/Operations Scheduling…


Fang-Chi Tien



Professor  Ph.D., in Industrial Engineering & systematic management, University of Missouri-Columbia, USA fctien@ntut.edu.tw   Machine Vision, The Applications of Artificial Neural Network, Optimization Methodology, Computer-aided Inspection...

Her-Shing Wang


Professor Ph.D., in Industrial Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington, USA  hswang@ntut.edu.tw  Aeronautics and Astronautics Management, Retailing Management, Industry Analysis

Zhen-Hua Che


Professor Ph.D., in Industrial Engineering & Management, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan  zhche@ntut.edu.tw  Production/Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Product Configuration Management...

Jian-Han Liu


Professor  Ph.D. in mechanical&aeronautics engineering,University of Missouri-Columbia (MU)  jhliou@ntut.edu.tw   Service Management, Data mining,Multiple Criteria Decision Making,Structural Equation Models , DEA... 

Chui-Yu Chiu


Professor  Ph.D., in Industrial engineering, Auburn University, USA cychiu@ntut.edu.tw  Decision Management, Artificial Intelligence, Customer Relation Management... 

Rong-Ho Lin


Professor Ph.D., The University of Iowa Industrial Engineering & Management, USA rhlin@ntut.edu.tw  Data Analysis and Operational Management, Enterprise Decision Management, e-business...

Jay CY Huang


Professor Ph.D., in Industrial Engineering, State University of New York,USA jayhuang@ntut.edu.tw  Electronics Manufacturing, Quality and Reliability Engineering, Experimental Design...

Chen-Yang Cheng


Associate Professor Pennslvania State University Ph.D of Industrial Engineering  cycheng@ntut.edu.tw

 Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, Production Scheduling System, Mobile Computing

Sheau-Farn Max Liang


Associate Professor Ph.D., in Industrial Engineering, Purdue University, USA maxliang@ntut.edu.tw  Information Decision Support System, Human-Computer Interaction...

Zhi-Ping Lin


Associate Professor Ph.D., in Industrial Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology cplin@ntut.edu.tw  Service Management, Information Management...

Wen-Hua Chang


Associate Professor Ph.D., in Business Administration, National Taiwan University. whchang@ntut.edu.tw  E- Commerce, E-marketing...

Gwo-Dong Wu


Associate Professor Ph.D., in Engineering, Ohio State University, USA gdwu@ntut.edu.tw  Manufacturing Process Automation, Automated weld System...

I-Chen Lin


Associate Professor M.S., in Industrial engineering, University of Houston iclin@ntut.edu.tw  Supply Chain Management and Collaboration, Revenue Management…



Assistant Professor National Tsing Hua University, Ph.D in Industrial Engineering and chiayushu@mail.ntut.edu.tw

Deep Learning, Data Mining and Big Data Analysis, Smart Manufacturing, Yield Enhancement of Semiconductor Manufacturing Time Series Analysis



Assistant Professor Arizona State University, USA, PhD in IE yjpark@mail.ntut.edu.tw Statistics, Operations Research, Data Mining

Pei-Fang Tsai


Assistant Professor Ph.D., in Industrial and System Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University ptsai@ntut.edu.tw  Production Planning and Scheduling, Optimization...



Assistant Professor Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Ph.D of Management of Science and Technology  yingyinhuang@ntut.edu.tw Ergonomics, Simulation and Training, Mental Workload





Business Management


Chung-Min Wu



Associate Professor and Chairman Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, Auburn University, USA cmwu@ntut.edu.tw Industrial Engineering and Management, Commerce Automation

Chih-Chou Chiu


Professor Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, Texas A&M University, USA chih3c@ntut.edu.tw  Data Mining, CRM, Commerce Automation, Artificial Neural Network

Tung-Lai Hu


Professor Ph.D., Marketing, National Taiwan University, Taiwan jameshu@ntut.edu.tw Marketing Management, Channel International Marketing,  Brand Brand Strategy, Channel Management, Services Marketing, Strategic Management, Methodology,

Fengyi Lin


Professor  Ph.D., Business & Management, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan fengyi@ntut.edu.tw  Financial and Management Accounting, Corporate Finance Investment, Accounting Information System, TQM

Ching-Jui Keng


Professor Ph.D., Information Management, National Chengchi University, Taiwan cjkeng@ntut.edu.tw  Network Marketing, Information Management

Chien-Cheng Chen


Professor Ph.D., Business Administration, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan ccchen@ntut.edu.tw  Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management

Sen-Kuei Liao


Associate Professor Ph.D., Business Administration, National Taiwan University, Taiwan skliao@ntut.edu.tw  Marketing Management, Service Industry Management, Services Marketing and Management, Strategic Management

Ming-Kuen Chen


Associate Professor Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, Lehigh University, USA mkchen@ntut.edu.tw  Service Science and Innovation Management, Global Logistics and Supply Chain, E-Business Management

Jung-Fa Tsai



Professor Ph.D., Business & Management, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan  jftsai@ntut.edu.tw 

Information Management, Global Optimization, Quantitative Management and Decision Making

Chuang-Min Grace Chao


Associate Professor Ph.D., Economics, University of Rochester, USA cmchao@ntut.edu.tw  Funds Management, Quantitative Finance, Corporate Governance, Operating Efficiency Analysis

Ling-Jing Kao


Associate Professor Ph.D., Marketing, Ohio State University, U.S.A lingjingkao@ntut.edu.tw  Quantitative Marketing, Bayesian Statistics

Shih-Wei Wu



Assistant Professor PhD., Centre for Risk Research, School of Management, University of Southampton, UK swu@ntut.edu.tw  

Behaviour finance, Financial Risk Management, International Financial Markets, Derivatives

 Lin-Hua Lydia Lu



Assistant Professor Ph.D., National Cheng Kung University lhlu@ntut.edu.tw

Corporate Strategy



Family and Business Group


Technology and Innovation Behavior


Department of Information and Fianace Management

Sung-Shun Weng


Professor and Dean, College of Management Ph.D., Computer Science, Northwestern University, USA wengss@ntut.edu.tw  Data Mining, Database Management, Business Intelligence Management, Customer Relationship Management, Intelligent Information Retrieval

Jian-Wen Wu


Associate Professor Ph.D., Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA xcwwu@ntut.edu.tw  Database Systems, Information Management

Shu Ling Lin


Professor Ph.D., Graduate Institute Business Management, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan shuling@ntut.edu.tw  Investment Decision and Management, Risk Management of Financial Institution, International Financial Management, Financial Statement Analysis

Yu-Wei Chen


Associate Professor Ph. D., Information Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology,Taiwan ywchen@ntut.edu.tw  Multimedia, Networking, Peer-to-Peer Application, Parallel Computing, Fault-tolerant Computing

Sheng-San Cheng


Associate Professor Ph.D.,Science, Kansas State University, USA chengss@ntut.edu.tw  Application and management of intellectual property rights, commercialization of intellectual property rights applications…

Chen-Shu Wang


Assistant  Professor Ph.D.,Management Information Systems Commerce, National Cheng Chi University, Taiwan wangcs@ntut.edu.tw  Artificial Intelligence Application, Knowledge Discovery and Business Strategy, Reverse Logistics, Networking Management

Yu-Hui Wang


Assistant Professor Ph.D., Law, National Cheng Chi University, Taiwan isecho@ntut.edu.tw  Financial and Economic Law, Intellectual Property Rights Law, Copy Right Act, Corporate Governance